About Eastland

Development & Investments

Formed as the operational company for various real estate development projects, is the Master Developer of several projects throughout the Southeast. Eastland provides personalized attention to each project primarily focusing on land entitlement and development of large scale properties. Eastland’s projects include nationally recognized commercial stores, hotels and restaurants along with the Nation’s most recognizable single and multi-family builders. By assembling a development team of professionals in legal, land planning, civil engineering, environmental planning and landscape design, Eastland has created some of the Southeast’s most desirable communities.

Eastland has strived to achieve an excellent working relationship with local, state and federal agencies, governments and environmental groups. Their forward thinking in providing environmentally sensitive planning has been praised by environmental groups.Eastland’s latest project, Bartram Park, was the first Multi-County DRI (Development of Regional Impact) entitled in North Florida. Bartram Park was monumental in solving cross county traffic issues while enhancing public access to special environmental habitats and waterways.

Eastland’s work on large scale DRI’s has proven their ability to understand and negotiate through the complex issues involved in developing large multi-use tracts of land. Issues such as transportation, schools, utilities and environmental impacts all require the expertise that Eastland has shown in order to develop a successful and financially viable project. With experience establishing Special Taxing Districts, (also known as Community Development Districts),Eastland has been successful in financing infrastructure cost through bond financing of over 60 million dollars.

Scope Of Services Offered:

  • Capital Formation Plans
  • Financial Feasibility Studies including Detailed Proforma and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Project and Market Analysis
  • Project Oversight, Asset Management,and Development and Construction Management
  • Site Due Diligence
  • Environmental Review, Permitting and Mitigation
  • Entitlements including Permitting, Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Review
  • Concurrency including Transportation, Utilities and Schools
  • HOA’s and Community Development District Formation and Management
  • Bond Financing-Community Development Districts
  • Sales and Marketing (Evaluate, Recommend and Implement)